Operational notices

North Island

Wheao (Hawke’s Bay) aerial operation - October 2017

Tongariro aerial operation - Spring 2017

Kapakapanui (Wellington) aerial operation - September 2017

Umukarikari (Waikato) aerial operation - August/September 2017

Tutaekuri (Hawkes Bay) aerial operation - August 2017

Waitara (Hawkes Bay) aerial operation - July 2017

Paemahi/Hatepe 5 (Waikato) aerial operation - June 2017

Aorangi (Wellington) aerial operation - May/June 2017

Ngamutu (Manawatu-Whanganui) aerial operation - May/June 2017

West Taupo (Waikato) aerial operation - May/June 2017

Southern Rimutaka (Wellington) aerial operation - April/May/June 2017

Hatepe Turangi (Waikato) aerial operation - January 2017

Iwitahi (Waikato) aerial operation - November/December 2016

Southern Rimutaka (Wellington) aerial operation - October/November 2016

Southern Ruapehu aerial operation - October 2016

Kaipo (Waikato/Hawke's Bay) aerial operation - September 2016

Horopito (Manawatu-Whanganui) aerial operation - August 2016

Hihitahi (Manawatu-Whanganui) aerial operation - July/August 2016

Ahimanawa Takahiapo (Hawke's Bay) aerial operation - July/August 2016

Kaweka East (Hawke's Bay) aerial operation - Autumn/winter 2016

Kaweka East (Hawke’s Bay) partial aerial operation - August 2016

Hauhungaroa (Manawatu-Whanganui) aerial operation - April/May/July 2016

East Taupo (Waikato) aerial operation - January 2016

Whirinaki (Hawke's Bay) aerial operation - October 2015

Aohanga (Manuwatu/Whanganui) aerial operation - Winter 2015

Rangitikei Waingakia Faces (Hawke's Bay) aerial operation - Winter/spring 2015


South Island 

Mikonui aerial operation (West Coast) - May 2018

Clarence Reserve and Goose Flat (North Canterbury) Aerial Operation - October 2017/May 2018

Alice Burn aerial operation (Otago) - July 2017

Glencoe aerial operation (North Canterbury) - July 2017

Karamea Bluffs aerial operation (West Coast) - July 2017

Nancy and Upper Ahaura aerial operations (West Coast) - July 2017

Stormy Ridge aerial operation (West Coast) - July 2017

Shag Forest aerial operation (Otago) - Autumn/Winter 2017

Silver Peaks aerial operation (Otago) - May 2017

Southern Paparoa aerial operation (West Coast) - May 2017

Mt Stalker aerial operation (Otago) - April 2017

Mokihinui aerial operation (West Coast) - Winter/Spring 2016

Radiant Range aerial operation (West Coast) - August 2016

Kowhai Swyncombe (North Canterbury) aerial operation - July 2016

Matiri (West Coast - Tasman) aerial operation - July 2016

New Creek (West Coast - Tasman) aerial operation - July 2016

Telford aerial operation (Southland) - July 2016

Taramakau (West Coast) aerial operation - May 2016

Isolated Hill (North Canterbury - Marlborough) aerial operation - May 2016

Berwick Forest (Otago) aerial operation - Autumn/Winter 2016

Glendhu Forest (Otago) aerial operation - Autumn/Winter 2016

Mount Allan (Otago) aerial operation - Autumn/Winter 2016 

Mount Gold (Otago) aerial operation - Autumn/Winter 2016 

Mount Cargill (Otago) ground operation update - Summer/Autumn 2016

Mt Cargill update #2

Mt Cargill operational map

Benmore range ground operation

Dog safety

1080 and dogs

Dog Safety - Stormy Ridge and Karamea Bluffs aerial operation (West Coast) - August 2017

Dog Safety - Southern Paparoa aerial operation (West Coast) - July 2017

Dog Safety - East Harbour and Southern Rimutaka aerial operations (Wellington) - April/May/June 2017

Dog Safety - Silver Peaks aerial operation (Otago) - May 2017

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