Electronic Animal Status Declaration (eASD)

eASD supports movements of sheep, cattle and deer from the last farm to slaughter.

Because you can complete it on your computer or smartphone, an eASD can be quicker and simpler to complete than the paper form. Recording the data online makes it easier to trace animals, especially for export animals, and reduces administration for everyone involved.

The system will be replaced by MyOSPRI in late 2021 or early 2022.

Meat processors accepting eASD forms

You can only use eASD if you send animals to the following meat processors:

  • Alliance
  • Blue Sky Meats
  • BX Foods
  • Oamaru Meats Ltd
  • Duncan South
  • Duncan Processors LTD
  • Greenlea
  • Progressive Meats
  • Silver Fern Farms
  • Taylor Preston Ltd
  • Venison Packers Feilding.
  • Information you provide for an eASD

Information you provide for an eASD

You need to enter information about:

  • farm assurance or quality programmes — meat processors need this, and if you're unsure what to answer, check with your livestock representative
  • your 7-digit TBfree herd number — this is mandatory in eASD, so contact us if you don't know the number
  • the last date your herd was tested for TB
  • your livestock transporter, if you're using one.

If your stock don't get tested for TB

Herds without breeding animals have a status of CM which means ‘clear monitored’. They are monitored for TB at the works rather than tested on farm. For these herds, the last TB test date is the date of their last ‘Eligible Animal Questionnaire’ (EAQ). Call our Contact Centre to find out this date.

Using a livestock transporter

When you create an eASD, a copy is sent to your transporter so they can meet their requirements to carry a copy.

Each meat processor advises us which transporters they work with. If a transporter you commonly use is not listed on the form, you can select 'other', and then type in their name and email address.

After you submit your eASD form, the transporter receives a copy by email.

Registering for eASD

The first step is to set up your account online.

You need to verify your email address as part of registration. If you don't receive an email from us check your spam folder. If it's not there, email easdsupport@ospri.co.nz.

Getting help to use eASD

If you forget your username

If you can't remember your username, email easdsupport@ospri.co.nz. Provide your full name and our Contact Centre will confirm your username.

If you forget your password

On the login page there is a link to reset your password. You need to enter your username and email address. We send you an email with further instructions.

If you're locked out of the system

You may be locked out of the system if you enter the wrong password too many times. Try again after 10 minutes and if you still can't get into the system, reset your password. If that doesn't work, email easdsupport@ospri.co.nz.

Changing your personal details

There are 2 ways to update or change your details.

  1. Select the My Details button on the eASD homepage.
  2. When you create an ASD, you can change your name, address or phone number.

If more than 1 person on your farm creates ASDs

Only 1 person can have access to your eASD account. If more than 1 person, for example another manager on your farm, needs access there are 2 ways to do this.

  1. Set up your account and give the login to everyone who needs access to create eASDs. They can change the sender details each time they fill in a form.
  2. Each person who needs access to create eASDs sets up their own account. When create an ASD, they list the stock owner as the farm owner or company name. After they submit the eASD form, they need to download it and email it to the farm owner. That way the owner can keep a record of all eASDs.

If you need more help

Call us on 0800 482 463 or email easdsupport@ospri.co.nz

Use our guides to help you register for eASD or create an eASD.

eASD Creating an eASD
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eASD How to Register
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