Why become an information provider?

Information providers can assist individual farmers that do not have the required internet access and administrative support, or lack computer knowledge or the required scanning equipment, to fulfil their NAIT obligations.

Information providers can reduce duplication in record keeping and maintenance and provide administrative efficiencies for farmers.

What does an information provider do?

Information providers can, on behalf of the PICA:

  • register PICA
  • register locations
  • register animals
  • record movements
  • maintain account details.

Information providers must enter into a contract with every PICA they act on behalf of.

When using an accredited information provider to submit information to NAIT, the obligation to comply with PICA requirements under the NAIT Act, remains with the designated PICA.

PICAs must appoint an information provider in their NAIT account.

Add or remove an information provider in your NAIT account

  1. 1 Log in to your NAIT account.
  2. 2 Click on the NAIT number you want to manage.
  3. 3 Click on ‘NAIT number details’. Your information providers will appear under the ‘Information Providers’ heading.
  4. 4 To add a new information provider, select ‘+ Add New’ and search for the information provider organisation from the drop-down list. Select ‘Continue’ once you have found the organisation name. Confirm that you would like to give this organisation access to your NAIT information.
  5. 5 To remove an information provider, select the ‘Remove’ option on the right of their name and confirm. Once this is complete, the information provider will no longer have access to your NAIT information.