How to interface with the NAIT system

This guide for software developers describes how to upload data to NAIT using a common system interface.

IT developers

NAIT accredited information providers and entities have the facility to bulk upload data to the NAIT system via a common system interface. This runs in parallel with the web application. In order to use this material, developers should be familiar with SOAP, XML and XSD files and protocols.

Record limitations by input type

NAIT Number Enquiry100
Animal Enquiry1000
Next Visual Tag Enquiry100
Reserve Tag50005000
Upload Tag1500010000
Tag Update1000010000
Tag Replace20001500250
Tag Undo Replace20001500250
Register Animal20001500250
Animal Update20001500250
Animal Treatment10001000250
Deregister Animal20002000500
Kill Upload40002000750
Kill Update20001000250
Kill Remove20001000250
Create Movement40002500500
Update Movement40002500500
Create Exempt Animal Movement40002500500
Delete Exempt Animal Movement40002500500

Connectivity specifications

OS must be compatible with SHA2 256 certificates

Protocols:  TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2

Ciphers:  Triple DES or AES 128 or AES 256

Hashes:  SHA (all versions) note MD5 is not supported

For assistance with interfacing with NAIT please contact OSPRI

Freephone: 0800 482 463
Monday to Friday: 7am - 6pm
Email us: