The proposed new NAIT Standard (Registration of Entities Trading in NAIT Animals) sets out new expectations for those who trade in NAIT animals — cattle and deer — as a third party and their obligations under NAIT.

About the consultation

Public consultation was undertaken to ensure that the settings of the Standard are appropriate, well-targeted, and address industry needs. Ahead of public consultation, we consulted with industry reference groups on the draft Standard. We received nearly 150 responses from the public from January to March 2021 and have now reviewed those submissions.

Our news story explains more about the draft Standard.

Changes to the proposed standard

Considering the public submissions alongside our engagement with industry, we're looking at the following changes to the proposed Standard:

  • reducing or easing administration-heavy tasks such as completion of registration forms and assessments, renewal of registration, disclosure of specific NAIT information in publications, and completion of an educational module
  • reducing or removing fees wherever possible, perhaps in conjunction with the reduction of administration
  • clarifying how the new Standard fits in with other NAIT standards and what will constitute a fit and proper person, including criminal offending disclosure requirements
  • making clear whenever possible who the new Standard applies to, what the expectations will be, and what they will have to do.
  • boosting general NAIT education coming from large technology platforms for the sale of NAIT animals.