Moving day edition

OSPRI has launched its annual moving day campaign. New rules around transporting animals and over 2000 farmers have signed up for eASD. Possum control activities meanwhile have resumed following the move to Covid-19 alert level 3

Ready for Moving Day?

If you are moving soon, please call OSPRI 0800 482 463. We can help with your NAIT account and TB herd records. 

Waikato sharemilkers on the move

Grant and Karley Thomson are finalising plans for their move to a new farm on June 1. To ensure they are meeting their NAIT obligations, they have registered a new NAIT number for the farm and got their TBfree herd records up to date.

Moving animals? sign a declaration


To avoid delays when transporting animals and to support disease management, OSPRI recommends that farmers complete a declaration to their transporter that all animals are tagged and registered in NAIT.

Sign up for eASD

Take the paperwork out of transport and meat processing and sign up for the online ASD system (eASD). Over 2,300 farmers signed up during April.