OSPRI News: May 2021

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Hunter holding gun, walking through bushNew sharemilkers champion traceability

Waikato dairy farmers Marc and Nia Jones are preparing to move farm on June 1. They are strong advocates for animal traceability having witnessed the devastating Foot and Mouth (FMD) outbreak in the UK.

Moving Day help

Ready to move farm and your herd? Check out our dedicated Moving Day website page for tips and advice to ensure it all goes to plan on the day.

Using dairy participant code tags?

If you are moving your herd or farm and have unused dairy participant code tags, you’ll need to call OSPRI first if you want to use them at your new NAIT location.

Molesworth — the site for new possum trapping devices

OSPRI is trialling new possum traps which are capable of self-resetting up to 100 times. The traps are also fitted to a satellite device which can provide pictures and remote data of possum activity.

OSPRI launches Hunter TB education campaign

To help minimise potential spread of TB (Bovine tuberculosis) in the bush, OSPRI and AsureQuality have teamed up together to produce an educational video to build more awareness among hunters.

Support biosecurity — declare all animals on-farm

Do you have pigs, goats, or sheep? It is now your legal obligation to declare all non-NAIT animals on-farm and provide an estimate of the number each year by July 31 (you don't need to tag these animals — just declare them).