Total annual funding for the TBfree programme was $65 million for the two years from 1 July 2016, with an annual average of $60 million thereafter. Prior to 1 July 2016, annual funding stood at approximately $80 million.

Government contributes 40% of funding. The remaining 60% contribution is from the dairy, beef and deer farming industries and is raised through:

  • levies on the slaughter of cattle and on live export of cattle and deer
  • payments from Dairy NZ and Deer Industry NZ. 

The respective industry shares of their 60% funding may vary year to year based on shifts in the relative size and value of each industry. These changes result in annual adjustments to levies and industry contribution.

Governance and funding

TBfree New Zealand Ltd and NAIT Ltd are fully owned subsidiaries of OSPRI New Zealand Ltd. OSPRI is overseen by a Board of Directors and is also accountable to its shareholders (DairyNZ, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, and Deer Industry New Zealand) and the Ministry for Primary Industries.