All information providers have been trained in the NAIT system to ensure their ability to perform NAIT tasks. They will need to enter into a contract with you before they can act on your behalf and you will need to grant them access to your account.

Even when using an information provider, it remains your responsibility as a PICA to ensure your NAIT account is up to date and your NAIT obligations are being met.  

To ensure that the information submitted to NAIT by an information provider is true and correct, you are encouraged to keep track of events recorded by your information provider by logging into your NAIT account to confirm the details are correct and monitoring automated email notifications received from the NAIT online system.

If you suspect your information provider has provided incorrect or missing information to NAIT, we recommend you raise this with them directly to have it resolved or contact OSPRI.

Adding or removing an information provider in your NAIT account

  1. 1 Log in to your NAIT account.
  2. 2 Click on ‘NAIT number details’. Your information providers will appear under the ‘Information Providers’ heading.
  3. 3 To add a new information provider, select ‘+ Add New’ and search for the information provider organisation from the drop-down list. Select ‘Continue’ once you have found the organisation name. Confirm that you would like to give this organisation access to your NAIT information. 
  4. 4 To remove an information provider, select the ‘Remove’ option on the right of their name and confirm. Once this is complete, the information provider will no longer have access to your NAIT information.