Role of TMAs

Our pest management programme is delivered through a framework of TMAs, according to:

  • disease patterns
  • geographical features
  • control history
  • future control needs.

This enables our possum control and wildlife disease surveys to be planned and contracted in an efficient manner. It also provides a local focus for communication and consultation with:

  • land occupiers
  • communities
  • groups interested in, or affected by, our operations.

Each TMA will have an approximate planned target date for eradication.

TMA Notices

Each year OSPRI will publish a notice for each TMA, which will describe, at a local level:

  • any possum control or wildlife survey work planned for the coming year
  • a forward view of further work that will be required to achieve TB eradication.

These notices will be distributed to local landowners and interested parties, and will be readily available online or by request.

It's important to note that TMA notices do not replace formal notification of any specific pest control operation. In particular, affected land occupiers will also be notified in writing and contacted personally by our pest management contractors, well before any work begins.

If you have feedback on any of our planned pest control operations in your area, contact us at