Steve Stuart

Chief Executive

Steve Stuart joined OSPRI in March 2019. With over 20 years working in the primary sector, the opportunity to be part of the OSPRI team was simply too attractive, challenging and exciting to refuse. Prior to this role, Steve's career covered a range of leadership roles in regulatory environments including NZ Police, fisheries, biosecurity and immigration.

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Kevin Forward

Head of Traceability

Kevin Forward joined OSPRI in 2018 as the Head of NAIT and was appointed to the role of Head of Traceability in October 2020. As Head of Traceability Kevin and his team are responsible for setting the strategic direction of OSPRI’s livestock traceability programme. This includes oversight of NZ’s National Animal Identification and Traceability (NAIT) scheme.

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Danny Templeman

Acting General Manager, Disease Control Planning and Integration

Danny Templeman is our Acting General Manager for Disease Control Planning and Integration. The group maintains a national focus on disease management programmes, and plays a key integration role across the organisation.

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Helen Thoday

General Manager, Service Delivery (North Island)

Helen Thoday is our General Manager, Service Delivery for the North Island. Helen is passionate about the primary sector and has spent her career in agriculture. This started with a degree and postgraduate studies in agriculture, farm management, animal physiology, and infectious disease. She has worked in agriculture roles in the UK, Falkland Islands, Canada and New Zealand.

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Vivienne Larsen

General Manager, Service Delivery (Lower South)

Vivienne Larsen is our General Manager, Service Delivery for the Lower South Island. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Diploma in Teaching, and brings broad business experience in building high performing teams and creating successful partnerships.

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Paul Burridge

General Manager, Business Services and Performance

Paul Burridge and the Business Service and Performance team are responsible for the corporate service functions within OSPRI. Paul has a range of commercial and governance primary industry experience, spanning both public and private sector organisations.

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John Tucker

Chief Information Officer

John Tucker joined the OSPRI Executive Leadership Team in 2019 to help create an organisation that protects the industry, and enables farmers to cost effectively meet their statutory obligations. Prior to OSPRI, John provided his leadership capabilities to MPI and the Fisheries industry.

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