How to do a kill upload

Use this guide to help you upload kill information to NAIT using a CSV file.

Your CSV file will need to include all of the column headings, in the correct order. This includes headings for optional columns you are leaving blank.

AAnimal TypeCattle = C
Deer = D
BKill DateDate of death. Date information must be in a recognisable format, e.g. dd/mm/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss, yyyy-mm-dd etc. Please note any time component will not be stored in the database.
CSlaughterAnimal slaughtered = True
Animal died but no slaughtered = False
DNAIT Number Sent FromNAIT number of location animal sent from.
EMeat Processor NAIT NumberNAIT number of location of animal death.
FNAIT RFIDThis is the unique 16 character code that relates to the NAIT tag. This information is provided by tag manufacturers or can be read with a scanner. It does not have to be provided if a NAIT Visual ID is provided. Examples that will be accepted include:
00000 0 982 000196588496
942 000002422333
982 000161531687
0982 000190869343
GNAIT Visual Tag NumberThis is the information printed on the outside of the tag. It does not have to be provided if a NAIT RFID is provided. The number must already be registered to an animal in order to update the animal's details.
Find out how to correctly enter NAIT Visual IDs
HExternal Record IDSubmitters reference number. This is optional but is useful to correlate with error messages in the error download CSV.
IDisposal MethodIf slaughter is true use one of these codes:
Home kill = A
Disposed at NAIT location = B
Meat processor for human consumption = C
Meat processor for pet food = D
Animal rendering facility = E
If slaughter is false use one of these codes:
Disposed at NAIT location = B
Animal rendering facility = E
This must be supplied if a date of death is entered. It must match one of the values in the NAIT system depending on whether slaughter is true of false.
J - AGCarcase Disease Status 1 - 24This can only be supplied if date of death is supplied. Use one of these codes:
Contam = CON
Bruising (Fore) = BRF
Bruising (Middle) = BRM
Bruising (Hind) = BRH
Wound = WND
Egran = EGR
Peritonitis = PER
Pleurisy = PLE
Sarco = SAR
Pyogenic = PYO
Arthritis = ART
Septicaemia = SEP
Emaciated = EMA
Zantho = XAN
Neoplasm = NEO
Facial Eczema = FEX
Tuberculosis = TUB
Condem = CDM
Actino = ACT
Colour = COL
Bad Innoc = BIN
Liver Fluke = LFL
Johnes = JOH
No Defect = NOD
AHExempt CategoryOptional but must be supplied if Exempt Animal Detail supplied. Cannot be supplied if NAIT RFID or NAIT Visual Tag Number supplied.
Fallow deer = FD
Trophy deer = TD
AIExempt Animal DetailsOptional but must be supplied if Exempt Category supplied Cannot be supplied if NAIT RFID or NAIT Visual Tag Number supplied.