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About tags and tagging

You must tag cattle and deer within 180 days of their birth or before their first off-farm movement, whichever comes first.

Buying tags

Find out which NAIT tags to buy and where to order them.

Reading tags

Every NAIT tag has a unique RFID number that identifies an individual animal. Find out how to read or scan tags so it's easier to keep your NAIT account up to date.

Reading tags with an RFID scanner

Using an RFID scanner or reader can be an efficient way to keep your NAIT account up to date, but you need to choose one that suits your farming situation.

Lost or damaged tags

If your cattle or deer lose their tag, damage it, or arrive at your farm without one, you need to tag and register them again.

Managing tags on a new farm or at grazing

Unless they have a dairy participant code printed on them, NAIT tags can't be assigned to, or shared with another NAIT location.

Report a tag issue

We encourage you to report issues with NAIT RFID tags to us.