Registering with NAIT

As a PICA at a zoo or wildlife park, you must sign up to NAIT and register:

  • as a PICA, and
  • the location of your animals.

Tracing your animals

Cattle and deer on farms in New Zealand are tagged and then registered in NAIT so they can be traced if there's a disease outbreak. You don't need to tag and register deer and cattle born at a zoo or wildlife park, but you must provide an annual tally of cattle and deer at your location.

If there's a disease outbreak we need to know where animals that could be affected are. If you register cattle or deer in NAIT, once a year you also need to declare other animals at your zoo or wildlife park that can spread diseases such as Foot and Mouth. This includes llamas, alpacas, emus, goats and sheep.

Enter the annual tally against your NAIT location number.

Moving animals to another zoo or wildlife park

If you move animals to another zoo or wildlife park, you must record a sending movement in NAIT and the PICA receiving the animals must confirm the movement.

If you receive tagged animals and you want to remove their tags, you must apply to us before you remove them.

For animals exempt from tagging, like fallow deer or trophy stags, you must record an exempt animal movement in NAIT.