How to set up your farming location in MyOSPRI

Use this step-by-step guide to set up your farm or lifestyle location in MyOSPRI.

Set up your location so you can create Animal Status Declarations

Before you can create an Animal Status Declaration (ASD) in MyOSPRI, you need to set up your location.

Setting up your location in MyOSPRI also means that when we introduce traceability-specific information, we can match it to your location.

Location means:

  • farm operation address and any additional pick-up addresses if you are a farmer
  • address of your lifestyle block if you are a lifestyler.

If you have multiple farms, or your farm has multiple NAIT numbers, you’ll need to set up multiple locations.

To set up your farming location in MyOSPRI, log in and follow these steps.

  1. 1 Select Create location in left-hand menu.
  2. 2 Select the type of location you want to create (farm or lifestyle block) from the pop-up box.
  3. 3 Select Continue.
  4. 4 Enter farm details, including name and physical address of the farm, additional pickup addresses, stock types at the farm and their relevant industry codes (NAIT number, TB herd number and dairy participant codes).
  5. 5 Select Continue.
  6. 6 Select Create location.
Sheep graphic

If you only have sheep on your property, you don’t need to include a NAIT number.

Create a location


Read transcript for this video
The MyOSPRI login page shows onscreen. User selects Create location, under Let’s set up.

User selects Farm in Type of location dialogue box. The other option is Lifestyle.

User selects Continue, then enters a property name and address.

User selects Cattle for type of animal at their location. The other options are Deer and Sheep.

User enters NAIT number.

In the Cattle section, user enters 2 TBfree herd numbers then selects Continue.

User reviews details then selects Create location.

Confirmation box saying Location created appears.

Caption: You now have the option to add members to this location.

Add members button is outlined in red.

If you need help you can:
• call us on 0800 482 463
• review help information on our website.