What is NAIT?

The National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT) system is an online tool used to provide fast and accurate tracing of NAIT animals to support disease management in New Zealand. 

Who uses NAIT?

Registering with NAIT and updating your NAIT account is a legal obligation for all farmers and People in Charge of Animals (PICAs).

OSPRI helps deliver the NAIT system by communicating and supporting farmers to meet their NAIT obligations.  

PICAs must complete 5 steps to meet their NAIT requirements

  1. 1 Register with NAIT.
  2. 2 Register your locations where you manage NAIT animals.
  3. 3 Tag and register animals in NAIT.
  4. 4 Record and confirm animal movements.
  5. 5 Keep your account up to date by recording death, loss and exports of NAIT animals and updating your personal details if they change.

The 4 drivers of NAIT


Be an effective livestock traceability system that enables New Zealand to respond to biosecurity outbreaks by tracing livestock and locating, prioritising and treating suspect or infected premises or animals.

Food safety

Provide assurance to local and overseas markets about food-safety standards and product integrity through traceability of livestock and origin of those products.

Market assurance and access

Provide assurance to both local and overseas markets and customers of the attributes associated with livestock product integrity and wholesomeness, for which traceability is a clear enabling requirement.

Animal health surveillance

Provide the ability to integrate animal health information and enable the monitoring, surveillance and management of both endemic and exotic diseases. This means any response activities, whether for treatment, vaccination or slaughter, can be prioritised based on location and animal status, enabling more effective emergency response.