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Meat processors

Companies that slaughter and process animals must register each of their premises with NAIT so they can record animal movements and deaths for these locations.


Saleyards companies that handle cattle and deer must register with NAIT, and record animal movements to and from their locations.

Information providers

An information provider is an accredited company or individual authorised by a farmer or other NAIT user to complete tasks in NAIT on their behalf.

Tag manufacturers

Tag manufacturers must be accredited with NAIT and meet specific manufacturing standards if they want to supply NAIT-approved RFID tags.

Livestock importers and exporters

Importing and exporting facilities must register with NAIT, and then fulfill responsibilities in the NAIT system and under the 1993 Biosecurity Act.

Accreditation for farming industry providers

Before a company or individual can provide NAIT services to, or act on behalf of farmers, they must apply to us to become accredited.

NAIT user guides for farming industry providers

If you complete tasks in NAIT, use these guides to help you enter the information. There are more guides in the Farmers and livestock owners section of this site.

MyOSPRI user guides for farming industry providers

Get help completing meat processor and software developer tasks in MyOSPRI.