Location APIs

Current features

Location APIs retrieve active MyOSPRI locations to help populate electronic Animal Status Declaration (ASD) forms. You can’t use location APIs to manage locations — this needs to be done within the MyOSPRI system.

Locations in MyOSPRI are described as cattle, deer or sheep farming locations that have a singular NAIT number reference. Locations are also defined by type — for example, farm, lifestyle block or plant.

To send farm-to-meat processor ASDs, MyOSPRI users need to select from a list of plants associated with meat processors already using MyOSPRI. If your meat processor hasn't started using MyOSPRI, email MyOSPRI@ospri.co.nz

Future features

In future, you’ll be able to use location APIs to view and manage:

  • addresses
  • animal tallies
  • people
  • roles
  • herds and tests results.

Animal Status Declaration (ASD) APIs

Current features

ASD APIs allow you to:

  • create and edit farm-to-farm and farm-to-meat processor ASDs
  • answer supplementary questions from meat processors.

Future features

In future, you’ll be able to use ASD APIs to prepopulate more form fields, including herd and location information.

Animal APIs

Current features

Animal APIs allow you to get the list of:

  • species (animal types) users can create ASDs for in MyOSPRI
  • stock types for each species (for example, the cattle species has various stock types such as cows, bulls and heifers). This means stock counts can be provided by stock type.

Future features

In future, you’ll be able to use animal APIs to access more information about:

  • tags
  • animal location
  • status.

Organisation APIs

Current features

Organisation APIs provide information about meat processing organisations. Used alongside location APIs, they allow you to select plants associated with a meat processor organisation.

Future features

In future, you’ll be able to use organisation APIs to manage:

  • organisations
  • people roles
  • more industry organisations that handle livestock — for example, saleyards, stock trading organisations and corporate farms.

Address APIs

Current features

Address APIs use Toitū Te Whenua/Land Information New Zealand information to get valid physical addresses, which can be associated with your farm or lifestyle property. They get valid postal addresses from NZ Post data.

If you need help

If you need more information about specifications, email technologysolutions@ospri.co.nz