How events are registered

When you move animals to an event you must create movements in NAIT against a registered event. Events are registered by the event organiser and are assigned a NAIT event number.

Regular events

For regular or annual events, the organiser can use the same NAIT event number, as long as they update the dates in NAIT.

Recording movements to an event

Creating a movement to an event is the same process as creating a movement to another farm, except that you record movements to and from that event against the organiser's event number. You don't need to complete an Animal Status Declaration (ASD).

You remain in charge of the animals

If you're the Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) for the livestock you send to an event, you're still their PICA while they're at the event.

Moving animals to a school pet day

When you move animals to a school pet day, it's a good idea to record movement to and from the school in NAIT. Check with the school to find out if they have registered the event with NAIT.