Update your animals' attributes

You can make changes to an animal's attributes like production type, sex, date of birth. You can also record animals that are dead or missing.

Missing cattle or deer

Sometimes an animal may go missing — for example, its tag number may not have shown up when you scanned your herd's ear tags.

When you record a missing animal, provide the date when you found out it was missing.

If you find the animal, you can change the animal’s status to found — you need to provide the date you found the animal or identified that it wasn't missing.

Dead animals

If an animal dies or has been killed on your property, it must be recorded as dead in the NAIT system.

When updating a dead animal, provide:

  • the date of death
  • how the animal died
  • whether the carcass has any defects.

If you send an animal to an accredited meat processor, the processor will record both the movement and death for you. If the death has not been correctly recorded, contact the meat processor directly to advise them of the tag number of the animal that has not been updated.

If you recorded an animal as dead by mistake

Before you can record a movement for an animal you declared as dead, you need to update your NAIT account to show the animal's status is alive.

If an animal was declared dead in error at another NAIT location, call our Support Centre to have the status updated to alive before recording the movement.

Exported animals

Live export animals should only be updated by the exporter after they're at the port to leave the country. If your animals are going to be exported, record a movement to the exporting facility when they leave your farm.

Updating animal production type

The dairy and beef levy rates for TB are different. To ensure you pay the correct levy rate, you may need to change the production type for animals registered to your NAIT number.

When animals move on to your property you must confirm the receiving movement. At the same time you can show a list of the animals and update their production type.

Lost or damaged tags

If your cattle or deer lose their tag, damage it, or arrive at your farm without one, you need to tag and register them again.

If you know the original tag number for the animal, record a tag replacement to link the old tag with the new so you keep the animal's movement history.

Generating reports about your animals

You can create reports in NAIT that can help you with managing your farm, doing an audit or checking the history of your animals.