By registering as a saleyard in National Animal Identification and Tracing (NAIT), you can record animal movements to your location.

Your NAIT responsibilities as a saleyard

As a saleyard handling NAIT animals, you are responsible for appointing and registering a Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) for each location. Each PICA is assigned a unique NAIT number.

At a saleyard, your PICA can be either:

  • a stock company (or nominated person on behalf of the company)
  • the saleyard owner (or nominated person representing the owner).

Your responsibilities as a PICA at a saleyard

As a nominated PICA at a saleyard, you are responsible for:

  • getting a NAIT number for each location
  • all NAIT obligations for each NAIT location
  • day-to-day management of animals including sourcing, selling and managing animals moved through the location.

Registering your saleyard with NAIT

To register your saleyard with NAIT, you must provide:

  • details for 1 user who will be the PICA account holder for each location
  • the addresses of the locations where you operate — we allocate a NAIT location number for each site.

Contact our Support Centre to register.

Becoming an accredited saleyard

Your saleyard can choose to become accredited with NAIT.

Becoming accredited can improve your customers' confidence in your services and bring you many other benefits.