At a saleyard, a PICA can be either:

  • a stock company (or nominated person on behalf of the company) operating at the premises and responsible for sourcing, selling and managing animals at the facility
  • the saleyard owner (or nominated person representing the owner), who may choose to take responsibility for all animals moved through the facility.

The nominated PICA(s) at a saleyard location must register with NAIT and each PICA will be assigned a NAIT number.

As a registered PICA, the person or organisation is liable for all NAIT obligations in respect of the registered NAIT location and animals moved to/from the location.

As an organisation that handles NAIT animals, saleyards have the option to become accredited as an entity dealing with animals under section 20 with the NAIT organisation.

To register a new saleyard location with NAIT, call OSPRI on 0800 482 463.

Stock companies as PICAs

If the stock companies are independently appointed as PICAs for their own animals moved through the facility, then:

  • there will be multiple PICAs and multiple NAIT numbers for the saleyard (one per stock company)
  • all NAIT obligations relating to the tagging, registering, movement and update of animals is the obligation of each stock company (PICA) for their animals
  • the purchase of NAIT tags for retagging animals at the location is to be handled by each company using their own NAIT location number.

Saleyard owner as the PICA

If the saleyard owner chooses to take responsibility for animals moved through the facility, then:

  • there is one PICA for the location, and one NAIT location number for the saleyard
  • NAIT obligations relating to the tagging, registering, movement and update of animals is the obligation of the saleyard owner for all animals moved through the sale
  • purchase of NAIT tags to be handled by the saleyard owner using the sole saleyard NAIT location number.

Registering saleyard paddocks

If a saleyard has paddocks nearby used for holding stock for extended periods, we recommend registering a separate NAIT location for the paddocks. This means it is easy to tell the difference between animals that have moved through the saleyard facility and those that have been held longer offsite.

Whoever is the primary person or company in charge of the paddocks will be the PICA and they should register the location with NAIT. Animals moved to/from the paddock must have a movement recorded in NAIT. See the NAIT system user guide for instructions to record a movement.

Appointing PICA delegates

A saleyard PICA can nominate one or more person as a delegate to their account to assist them with NAIT recording. Delegate users have their own username and password for NAIT.

For example, if the stock company is the registered PICA, the administration staff should be listed as delegates to record movements on behalf of the company.

The legal responsibility stays with the registered PICA.