After reviewing our old NAIT accreditation process, we introduced a new five-step process in early 2022.

Follow the process outlined below to apply for accreditation as an information provider, an entity dealing with NAIT animals, or both. If you’re accredited under the old system, you’ll need to reapply.

Apply for accreditation as:

  • an information provider if you want to provide a service (such as recording animal movements) to farmers to help them meet their NAIT obligations
  • an entity dealing with NAIT animals if you operate at meat processor sites, saleyards or export facilities.

Accreditation lasts for 3 years, then you need to reapply.

This infographic shows the 5 steps to gain NAIT accreditation. Step 1: Complete education modules — Click link on OSPRI website. Step 2: Get assessed — Choose an auditor on OSPRI website. Step 3: Apply and pay — Download forms on OSPRI website. Step 4: OSPRI checks the application — It takes 20 working days. Step 5: Applicant notified — If successful, OSPRI confirms accreditation (and data access if applicable).

Accreditation brings range of benefits

Being accredited brings you many benefits:

  • Customers have increased confidence in your NAIT services.
  • We publish your contact details on our website, so customers can easily find you.
  • You can apply to use the NAIT Accredited logo to promote your organisation’s accreditation status.
  • As an accredited information provider, you can contract with customers to manage their information (such as registrations and movements) in the NAIT system.
  • As an accredited entity dealing with NAIT animals you have movement exemptions, so you can create movements in NAIT without waiting for your customers to complete their movements.

Five-step accreditation process

To become accredited, anyone on your team who uses the NAIT system will need to complete online training modules and pass the assessment. This includes:

  • whoever is the primary NAIT contact at your organisation
  • anyone at your organisation who needs to log on to NAIT as a Person in Charge of Animals (PICA), PICA delegate, information provider, or organisation administrator.

If new people join your team, they must complete the training. You’ll need to provide their certificates when you renew your accreditation.

We’ve introduced training to make sure that people providing services to our customers understand:

  • why traceability of cattle and deer is important, and how it helps improve our biosecurity
  • the legislation that affects accredited organisations
  • how accredited organisations fit into the wider NAIT scheme.

Training costs:

  • $89 per person for the NAIT information providers module
  • $89 per person for the entities dealing with NAIT animals module
  • $129 per person for both modules.

You can pay by credit card, or request an invoice by:

Everyone who successfully completes the training receives a certificate. You need these certificates for the next steps in the accreditation process, so keep them on file.

NAIT online training modules

Once you’ve completed the accreditation training modules, contact our approved audit agency to ask for a quote and arrange your audit. You pay fees for audits directly to the agency.

They will audit you for compliance with the:

  • NAIT Standard for Accreditation of Entities Dealing with NAIT Animals
  • NAIT Standard for Accreditation of Information Providers, or
  • both of the above.

Find an approved audit agency for accreditation assessments

NAIT Standard — Accreditation of Entities Dealing with NAIT Animals (PDF 209KB)

NAIT Standard — Accreditation of Information Providers (PDF 202KB)

To prepare for your audit, you may want to:

  • complete a self-assessment
  • look through the audit guidelines that the agency will use.

Self-assessment tool (PDF 464KB)

Accreditation audit tool — entities dealing with NAIT animals (PDF 2.69MB)

Accreditation audit tool — information providers (PDF 2.49MB)

Accreditation audit tool — information providers and entities dealing with NAIT animals (PDF 3.14MB)

When the audit is complete, the agency will provide you with a report. You will need to either:

  • address some areas in the report where you haven’t met the standard, then demonstrate changes to the agency, or
  • apply to us for accreditation if the report says you have met all requirements.

If you disagree with the report, talk to the agency first, and they will follow their dispute resolution process.

NAIT accreditation queries

Once an approved agency states you are meeting the required standards, you need to complete the NAIT accreditation:

  • application form (which includes data access questions)
  • data sharing agreement form.

Complete the trademark licensing agreement form if you would like to apply to use the NAIT Accredited logo on your website and other company materials.

You can complete these forms online, or download PDF versions if you prefer.

Online application forms

Follow the links below to submit application forms online.

NAIT accreditation application form

NAIT accreditation data sharing agreement form

NAIT accreditation trademark licensing agreement form

PDF application forms

You can download, save and print accreditation forms if you prefer this to submitting forms online.

NAIT accreditation application form (PDF 807KB)

NAIT accreditation data sharing agreement form (PDF 447KB)

NAIT accreditation trademark licensing agreement form (PDF 700KB)

When you have completed the forms and gathered any other information required, you can send all your documents to us by:

Once we receive your application, we’ll send you an invoice for payment.

Accreditation application fees

Accreditation application fees are:

  • $2582 (plus GST) for entities dealing with NAIT animals
  • $1878 (plus GST) for information providers with fewer than 1000 Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) clients
  • $2582 (plus GST) for information providers with 1000 to 4999 PICA clients
  • $3756 (plus GST) for information providers with more than 5000 PICA clients.

Data access fee

The data access fee is $130 (plus GST) for:

  • entities dealing with NAIT animals
  • information providers
  • those applying for accreditation as both of the above.

Having data access is vital as it means you are approved to link into the NAIT system and access NAIT data. All accredited organisations need this approval.

The NAIT system administrator must be satisfied that the way you access and submit data is safe. This means if you don't submit data to NAIT by opening in your browser — for example, if you use your own software — you will need to provide additional information about this and we may put conditions on your use.

The data access fee is a one-off — you don’t need to reapply when renewing your accreditation.

All fees are non-refundable.

Our fees are set in the NAIT (Fees and Forms) Regulations.

National Animal Identification and Tracing (Fees and Forms) Regulations 2012

Once you’ve paid your fees, we will:

  • check your application and all attached documents
  • review the NAIT system for relevant information – for example, records on your past performance, complaints, and compliance problems.

If we have any questions, we’ll contact the person named on the application form.

Once we’ve processed your application we’ll send you a letter stating whether your accreditation application has been successful. This will happen within 20 working days of us receiving your data access and application fees.

Successful applicants

If you’re a successful applicant:

  • you will receive another letter from the NAIT information system administrator, which will let you know whether you have been granted access to the NAIT system
  • we will update your contact details on our website, so customers can easily find you
  • you’ll need to find out about your responsibilities as an accredited organisation by reading through the resources below.

NAIT accredited information providers — responsibilities (PDF 463KB)

NAIT accredited entities — saleyard responsibilities (PDF 383KB)

NAIT accredited entities — meat processor responsibilities (PDF 363KB)

Unsuccessful applicants

If you’re an unsuccessful applicant:

  • the letter from us will explain why your application was unsuccessful
  • you can reapply for accreditation once you address any areas that need review.

You pay an application fee for each new application.

If you’re already accredited but have been unsuccessful this time:

  • you must advise your customers that you are no longer accredited
  • you can no longer offer the services of an accredited information provider or receive movement exemptions as an entity dealing with NAIT animals
  • we will remove your contact details from our website
  • we will remove your accreditation privileges (such as managing customers' information) in the NAIT system.

If you disagree with our assessment of your application, email We will follow our dispute process and the head of traceability will review your case.

If you need help

If you would like more information on applying for accreditation:

  • call us on 0800 482 463
  • submit a query using our online form.