You need to sign up for TB management if you're a PICA responsible for the day-to-day management of cattle or deer. This includes everything from:

  • a large herd of deer or cattle, to
    a single cow or deer — for example, on your lifestyle block.

Why you need to register

Registering for TB management means that you’ll be set up as part of our TB testing programme. You’ll get a TBfree herd number that’s separate to your NAIT location number, and our testing contractors will contact you to organise TB testing at your property. How often your animals are tested will depend on which area in the country you live in and what the risk of TB is in that area. You can check this on our disease control area map.

Being registered for TB management also ensures we know who to talk to about any legal, compliance or financial matters with regard to your animals — for example, if we need to pay you compensation for an animal that tests positive for TB and needs to be slaughtered.


You don’t need to sign up for TB management if you’re running stock:

  • in conjunction with an already established herd, or
  • on an established unit of the same species.

Instead, you can just use the TB herd number that’s already been set up for stock on the property. For example, if you’re a sharemilker rearing calves on an established dairy unit, you can run your stock under the dairy herd’s TBfree herd number.

If you don’t register

Every cattle and deer herd in NZ needs to be registered for TB management. It’s a legal requirement to register – under the Biosecurity Act you could be prosecuted if you don't register for TB management. And, if you're convicted you could be liable for fines of up to $5000 for an individual, or up to $15,000 for an corporation.

How to register

You can register your herd by:

  • completing our herd registration form and emailing it to us at, or
    calling our contact centre on 0800 482 463.

We'll let you know what your TB herd number is within 2 working days.