Each meat processor must have at least one PICA (Person in Charge of Animals) who is the company (or nominated person) involved in the day-to-day management of animals moved through the location. 

The nominated PICA(s) must register with NAIT and will be assigned a NAIT number. 

As a registered PICA, the person or organisation is liable for all NAIT obligations in respect of the registered NAIT location and animals moved to and processed at the location. 

Meat processors play an important role in the NAIT system which relies on prompt and accurate information being provided to NAIT about the animals at the point of slaughter to ensure full traceability of the animal to their premises of origin. 

A meat processor that is receiving NAIT animals is responsible for recording the following information in the NAIT system: 

  • registering as a PICA Meat Processor in the NAIT system 
  • registering each plant with a NAIT number 
  • the movement of the individual animals that are received on to their premises 
  • the slaughter information for each animal 
  • tag and record a movement for any animals that are on sold or moved off the premises.

As an organisation that handles NAIT animals, meat processor organisations have the option to become accredited as an entity dealing with animals under section 20 with the NAIT organisation.