By registering in NAIT, you ensure full traceability of the cattle and deer from their place of origin to the meat processing location. You provide prompt and accurate information about the animals to NAIT at the point of slaughter.

Your NAIT responsibilities as a meat processor

As a meat processor receiving NAIT animals, you are responsible for:

  • appointing and registering a Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) for each slaughter location
  • getting a NAIT number for each location
  • collecting slaughter levies for animals.

Your responsibilities as a PICA

Your PICA can be a nominated individual or an incorporated company.

As a PICA at a meat processing location, you are responsible for:

  • creating or confirming movements in NAIT for each animal within 48 hours of its arrival at your location
  • recording the slaughter information for each animal, and
  • if animals are on-sold or moved off your premises:
    • tagging and registering them in NAIT, if they don't have a tag
    • recording a sending movement for them.

A PICA can also delegate responsibility for some NAIT tasks to other staff members called PICA delegates.

Registering your business with NAIT

When you register your business with NAIT you need to provide:

  • details for 1 user who will be the PICA account holder for each location
  • the addresses of the locations where you operate — we allocate a NAIT location number for each site.

Get in touch with our Support Centre to register.

Registering as a PICA

A PICA is the company or person involved in the day-to-day management of animals moving through your location. A PICA can be responsible for more than 1 NAIT location.

Registering as an organisation

If your company operates multiple sites it can be helpful to nominate an organisation administrator. They can manage NAIT accounts for each location, including the PICAs at those sites and any staff delegated to record information in NAIT.

Becoming an accredited meat processor

Your business can choose to become accredited with NAIT.

Becoming accredited can improve the confidence of your customers in your services and bring you many other benefits.