MyOSPRI benefits farmers and livestock owners

We're developing MyOSPRI in stages and working with you along the way to make sure we've got it right.

MyOSPRI has replaced the electronic Animal Status Declaration (eASD) system, allowing you to create online farm-to-farm and farm-to-meat processor Animal Status Declarations (ASDs).

In the future MyOSPRI will let you do all your NAIT and ASD tasks in one place. You'll be able to manage all your records of farm locations, livestock and people.

Until MyOSPRI is fully developed, you will still need to use NAIT for:

  • registering a farm
  • registering animals
  • linking tags to animals
  • recording all livestock movements.

MyOSPRI overview


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An overview of MyOSPRI

In MyOSPRI you can create farm-to-farm Animal Status Declarations (ASDs) for cattle, sheep or deer.

When you fill in the form you can:
• get more information about what you need to do by selecting the question mark beside a field — help text slides out from the right of the screen
• send electronic copies of the ASD to the person receiving your animals, if you know their email address
• enter details of a livestock transporter, if you're using one.

When you've completed an ASD, you can:
• download and print it
• edit or cancel it.

You can also manage your profile — for example, update your address or add a new phone number.

If you need help you can:
• select the Need help button at the bottom left of the screen to go to the Help information on our website, or
• phone us on 0800 482 463.