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Registration for farmer, location and animal

If you are involved in the day-to-day management of cattle or deer, you must register…

Animal status declaration

Find out about animal status declarations and how to get forms.

Sending and receiving animals

All movements of cattle and deer must be recorded in NAIT within 48 hours.

Tags and tagging

All farmed cattle and deer need to be tagged with a NAIT ear tag and…

Managing TB in animals

Bovine TB is a serious animal health problem as it's a disease that can affect…

Delegating duties

You can get help to manage your NAIT account by assigning a delegate or using…

Updating farm and animal details

As a registered PICA you need to keep your NAIT account up to date.

Auditing your farm

As a supplier of meat and/or dairy products, you may be asked to provide a…


The NAIT and TBfree programmes are funded by government, and through tag and slaughter levies.

Lifestyle farmers

Your NAIT obligations as a lifestyle farmer.