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Recording animal movements

All movements of cattle and deer between NAIT locations must be recorded within 48 hours of them leaving one property and arriving at a new property.

Animal Status Declarations (ASDs)

When you move animals between properties, you must complete an Animal Status Declaration form (ASD). This helps the next Person in Charge of Animals (PICA).

Moving animals from a Movement Control Area (MCA)

Before you move cattle or deer, find out if the property you're moving them from is in an MCA. To contain the spread of TB, they may need to be tested first.

Moving animals or farms

When you move farms or relocate your herd, you must update NAIT and TBfree information before and after you move.

Moving animals to an event

If you move animals to an event like a field day or an A&P show, you must create movements in NAIT to and from that event.

Moving bulls for mating

When bulls are sold or leased for mating, the bull provider, and the farmer receiving the animals must record movements in NAIT.

Moving untagged animals

Some cattle and deer don't need a NAIT tag, but if you want to move them off your property you must follow the NAIT requirements for moving untagged animals.

Meat processors' NAIT location numbers

Use this list to find the NAIT location number of a meat processor you're sending unsafe to tag (UTT) animals to.