Updating your details

As a Person in Charge of Animals (PICA), you must keep your name and contact details up to date in NAIT.

You can update your details by logging into your NAIT account and selecting My details at the top left of the page.

Moving to a new NAIT location

If you move to a new farm, whether that's on Moving Day or at another time of year, you must set up a new NAIT location and get a new NAIT location number. If you're taking over management of an existing farm, you can apply for the NAIT location number to be reassigned to you.

Your NAIT login (username and password) won't change.

If any animals move with you, make sure you record their movement from your old NAIT location number to your new one.

Your privacy

All other NAIT users can see the address of your NAIT location. It can help them to make sure they're recording movements to or from the right place. If you're privacy-conscious, you can use a name for your property that doesn't identify you or your address.

Changing your property name

If the name of your property changes, you can update it in NAIT.

Updating details for delegates

If you've given permission for someone else on your property or an information provider to use your NAIT account, you can:

  • edit some of their details if they change
  • remove them from your NAIT location number if they're no longer acting on your behalf.