How to correct a movement

If you are notified by a PICA or by NAIT of a correction required for a recorded movement, you need to action this as soon as possible to ensure the correct movement information has been recorded in the NAIT database.

Amendments to recorded movements can be actioned directly from an accredited NAIT number; you do not need to access the PICA’s account to make updates to a movement between a PICA and accredited entity.

An Information Provider user, PICA saleyard/meat processor, or PICA Delegate acting on behalf of an accredited saleyard or meat processor can search for and correct movements by logging on and navigating to the accredited NAIT number.

The search tools on the relevant movement page (complete, incomplete, action required) allow the user to filter by date and/or sending PICA in order to easily locate a specific movement.

The search tool for complete movements includes additional search functionality and will automatically display at the top of the page when you navigate to the complete movements tab.

Click ‘search’ in the right-hand corner to display the search box for the incomplete and action required movement tabs, 

Please note that if a movement was recorded more than two weeks ago, it cannot be deleted. You will need to email to request for the movement to be deleted.