How to create a farm-to-meat processor Animal Status Declaration (ASD) in MyOSPRI

Use this step-by-step guide to create a farm-to-meat processor Animal Status Declaration (ASD) in MyOSPRI.
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Set up farming locations before creating ASDs

Before you can create an Animal Status Declaration (ASD), you need to set up your farm operation addresses or pick-up locations.

Paper forms still required for some ASDs

You still need to use paper forms for:

  • farm-to-meat processor ASDs that are going to meat processors not listed below
  • farm-to-saleyard ASDs
  • ASDs for livestock other than cattle, deer and sheep.

Order a book of ASD forms

Selected meat processors using MyOSPRI for ASDs

Meat processors accepting farm-to-meat processor ASDs in MyOSPRI are:

  • Alliance
  • Ample Group
  • Auckland Meat Processors
  • Blue Sky Meats
  • Blue Sky Meats (Gore) Ltd
  • BX Foods
  • Duncan Processors Ltd
  • Duncan South
  • Greenlea
  • Oamaru Meats Ltd
  • Prime Range
  • Progressive Meats
  • Silver Fern Farms
  • Taylor Preston Ltd
  • Universal Beef Packers
  • Waimarie Meats.

Over time this list will grow.

Creating a farm-to-meat processor ASD

Log in to MyOSPRI and follow these steps.

  1. 1 Select Create ASD in left-hand menu.
  2. 2 Choose whether you are creating an ASD for cattle, sheep, or deer.
  3. 3 Select Continue.

Completing part 1 of the movement declaration: Movement details

  1. 1 Enter industry codes such as your NAIT number and TBfree herd number.
  2. 2 Select Meat processor when asked where you are sending animals to.
  3. 3 Select the receiving meat processor's name and location (meat processing plant). (Check the list above to find out which meat processors are accepting MyOSPRI ASDs.)
  4. 4 Enter when you are sending the animals.
  5. 5 Enter when the animals came off feed.
  6. 6 Enter who is transporting the animals.
  7. 7 Select Continue.

Completing part 2 of the movement declaration: Add animal details

  1. 1 Enter animal tallies.
  2. 2 Enter withholding periods of any treatment.
  3. 3 Enter animal history.
  4. 4 Enter animal feeding information.
  5. 5 Enter Johne’s disease vaccination details.
  6. 6 Enter hormone growth promotant (HGP) treatment details.
  7. 7 Complete the TB declaration fields.
  8. 8 Select Continue.

Completing part 3 of the movement declaration: Supplementary questions

  1. 1 Complete part 3 if the meat processor has supplementary questions.

Completing part 4 of the movement declaration: Review and declare

  1. 1 Review your details.
  2. 2 Complete the declaration section to show you understand your responsibilities.
  3. 3 Complete the Declaration to Livestock Transporter if you are transporting cattle or deer.
  4. 4 Select Create ASD.
  5. 5 You will see a confirmation message saying that the ASD has been electronically signed and saved.
  6. 6 Select Done to see a record of your completed ASD.

Create a farm-to-meat processor ASD


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