Spring bull sales are a busy period for animal movements as farmers bring them on-farm for mating. Make sure to do your bit to help support traceability by recording your movements in NAIT.

Sending service bulls off-farm

When you send bulls off farm, as the PICA you need to:

  • make sure they are tagged and registered in NAIT
  • complete an Animal Status Declaration (ASD)
  • check if they need a pre-movement TB test, or arrange a service-bull TB test
  • record or confirm the sending movement in NAIT within 48 hours of the animals leaving your farm.

We've created a useful checklist for anyone moving bulls this spring. It's interactive, so you can tick off everything you've done and easily see what you've got left to do.

Buying or leasing service bulls

If you are receiving bulls on your farm, you need to:

  • check that the bulls coming on to your farm are:
    • tagged and registered in NAIT, and
    • tested for TB, if they're from a Movement Control Area (MCA)
  • receive an ASD form from the sender or seller
  • record or confirm the receiving movement in NAIT within 48 hours of them arriving on your property.

Bulls too dangerous to tag

If a bull can't be retagged, the only place you can move it to is a meat processor.

Animals considered too dangerous to tag can only be sent to the meat processors, under an Unsafe to Tag (UTT) exemption.

Before you move them to an accredited meat processor:

  • declare a UTT movement in your NAIT account
  • mark the animal with a red X so it can be identified by meat processor staff or inspectors.

Removing or replacing NAIT tags

It's an offence under the NAIT Act to remove a NAIT tag without approval from OSPRI or a Ministry for Primary Industries NAIT Officer.

If you need to remove a NAIT tag, you can apply by phone or email for approval.

If an animal loses a NAIT tag, you can apply a replacement NAIT tag and perform a tag replacement in the NAIT system.