• 35% of NAIT's ongoing costs are funded by Government
  • 65% of NAIT's ongoing costs are recovered through tag and slaughter levies.

Government met the capital expenditure of building the NAIT system, and NAIT's shareholders covered the running costs during the development phase.

NAIT's shareholders are DairyNZ, Beef + Lamb NZ, and Deer Industry NZ.

Levies were established under the NAIT legislation. Levies are:

  • 44.5% for beef
  • 53.5% for dairy
  • 2% for deer.

Cost recovery for deer is through Deer Industry NZ and is funded by a levy on deer producers at deer slaughter or velvet removal.


The current tag and slaughter levies for cattle are:

  • $0.90 per tag excluding GST (paid at the point of purchase as part of the cost of the tag)
  • $0.50 per animal at slaughter excluding GST (administered by meat processors).

NAIT also has an unsafe to tag (UTT) levy for cattle and deer. This allows these animals to be sent to a meat processor without a NAIT tag. The current UTT levy is $13.00 per head excluding GST.


The National Operations Plan (NOP) is our strategic plan for New Zealand's traceability scheme. The initiatives identified in the NOP will be completed over at least the next 3 years. It will continue to be updated here as a 'living document'.

NAIT National Operations Plan NOP 2021
PDF 2.4 MB