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Controlling the possum population in NZ

Possums are the main source of bovine TB in New Zealand, and they're the focus of our pest control operations.

How pest control operations work

As part of our work to control and eradicate bovine TB, we do different types of pest control — ground and aerial control operations, and wildlife surveys.

National aerial pest control operations

Get details of future aerial control operations planned for your area.

Pest control operations in the regions (TB management areas)

As part of our work to eradicate bovine TB, we manage pest control operations across various regions in the country through TB management areas, or TMAs.

National infected herd numbers

Get an update on the number of TB-infected herds we have across New Zealand, and find out how many other herds are under investigation.

TB information for deer and pig hunters

It’s important to know how to recognise TB infections in wild pigs or deer, and what to do if you suspect an animal is infected.

1080 and dogs

Dogs are particularly susceptible to poisoning by 1080. It's important to know how to protect them, and what to do if you think your dog has eaten poison.