Our company

Who we are

We're a not-for-profit company working in partnership with primary industries and the government.

Our programmes

Get information about our NAIT, TBfree and MyOSPRI programmes.

Corporate responsibility

We're committed to being a corporate and socially responsible organisation.

Careers at OSPRI

Join our team and help us work towards creating a national traceability scheme for our farmers, and a TB-free New Zealand.

Health and safety

We're committed to delivering our programme objectives while protecting our people and the environment.

Get involved

Join an OPSRI committee to provide feedback on issues for farmers and the industry, or share your views with us through our consultations.

Our people

Board of Directors

Find out who sits on our Board of Directors.

Stakeholders' Council

Our Board of Directors is supported by the Stakeholders' Council.

Executive Leadership Team

Meet our Executive Leadership Team members.

OSPRI people

Discover more about the team and their experience here at OSPRI.

Shareholders and investors

Get information about our shareholders and investors.

Our partners

We work alongside partners from both industry and government.

OSPRI committees

OSPRI committees are made up of volunteers from all over NZ.

Our research

Our disease management research strategy

Our research strategy for the next 5 years focuses on projects that will help us meet our goal of eradicating TB in livestock by 2026 and possums by 2040.

The role of research

We use scientific research to inform our disease management programmes and strategies.

Research papers

Read some examples of research papers that support the scientific research we've used to inform the design of our programmes, like TBfree.

Our legislation

NAIT legislation

NAIT legislation provides legal authority for the NAIT scheme.

TBfree legislation

Find out about the legislation governing the TBfree programme.