OSPRI committees’ AGM

Are you passionate about the value of disease management and animal traceability? The OSPRI committees’ AGM season swings into action during June, and we’re looking for new members to join. If you’d like to get involved, fill out our expression of interest form and your local Chairperson will be in touch.

About our committees

Committee members provide feedback on current issues from their farmer or industry networks, and help build understanding and wider community support for OSPRI’s TBfree and NAIT programmes. The committees’ philosophy is based on:

  • farmers talking to farmers
  • discussing local relevant issues
  • education.

Term of office

The term of office for members is 3 years.

Each committee will organise its management process so that no more than a third of its members will end their term of appointment in any 1 year. The committee may agree to extend the term of office of any member by up to 1 year to give effect to this.


All members, except for OSPRI staff, have the right to vote.


Meetings generally happen up to 4 times per year. You'll be paid for any meetings you attend, and reimbursed for travel under our OSPRI policy.