Your responsibilities as a tag manufacturer

General requirements

You must:

  • only sell NAIT devices to a PICA or PICA delegate for the location at which the PICA is in charge of animals
  • ensure that all NAIT devices you market, manufacture and distribute are identical to the one you submitted in field trials; and were approved by the NAIT organisation. This excludes any internal coding or visual information that, by necessity, varies from individual device to individual device
  • check that the transponder in the NAIT device can be reliably read, before it is dispatched to the purchaser

Device records

You must:

  • maintain an accurate record of customer orders and the NAIT devices you dispatch
  • stay updated on any specifications the NAIT organisation changes
  • report every month to the NAIT organisation the number of devices you have sold and pay the associated levy
  • contact the PICA within 72 hours when the NAIT organisation notifies you of any issues with your NAIT devices
  • report back to the NAIT organisation in writing within 30 days of being notified of an issue, including what the issue was and how you resolved it
  • notify the NAIT organisation in writing of any device that you have recalled or replaced due to defects within 5 business days of being made aware of the defect
  • respond to and resolve any issues with device data upload to NAIT within the timeframes in the NAIT standard for animal identification devices
  • notify the NAIT organisation if you cannot resolve a data upload issue in time.

Data storage, access and use

You must:

  • keep records about the NAIT devices you dispatch in a secure database for at least 10 years
  • ensure that the integrity and security of the database is maintained at all times
  • provide the NAIT organisation with data kept in your database as requested to reconcile with data held by the NAIT organisation
  • provide the NAIT organisation with full access to your database for audit purposes.

Information for NAIT device users

  • With all devices and device applicators you sell, you must provide information on:
    • the best-practice application of the device
    • how to report device retention issues to the NAIT organisation
    • device replacement procedures.
  • You must provide the information on your website, with any device orders and through any engagement activities you participate in.
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The NAIT organisation will monitor your compliance with the standards. It may suspend or revoke your licensed status if you fail to comply with NAIT standards, policies and guidelines. The licence will only be reinstated when you can show that you comply with the standards.