How to define your locations

We assign a unique NAIT location number to each property where you farm animals.

A NAIT location can be a single property, or multiple properties. If you keep animals at more than 1 property you can use the same NAIT location number, but only if the properties all fall within a 10-kilometre radius.

It's best practice if farms managed separately are registered with separate NAIT location numbers. This way we can better trace and contain any disease outbreaks.

If you have a property that falls outside the 10-kilometre radius you must get another NAIT location number for that property.

NAIT locations


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As a Person in Charge of NAIT Animals (PICA), you must register all locations they are held. A registered property where animals are kept is known as a NAIT location, and can comprise of a single property or 2 or more properties that fall within or straddle the circumference of a circle with a 10-kilometre radius — the yellow parcels. Each NAIT location is assigned a unique NAIT number as the property identifier. If any of the properties you manage fall outside the 10-kilometre radius — the blue-marked parcel — you must register an additional NAIT number for that property. It is best practice that herds managed separately are registered as individual NAIT locations. This may help reduce the risk of disease spread in case of an outbreak.

A NAIT number is fixed to a NAIT location. In the event that you move to a new location, you'll need to either assign the existing NAIT number for the property to you as the new PICA for that location, or register a new NAIT number.

Remember, you must record NAIT movements for all animals that move between 2 NAIT numbers registered as separate NAIT locations, even if you are the PICA for both. This ensures animals can be traced to their current and past locations for the purpose of trace-back.

For more information on NAIT locations go to our website or call 0800 482 463.

Registering your NAIT location

When you register as a Person in Charge of Animals (PICA), you can register your locations at the same time.

Choosing a property name

For each NAIT location number, you can choose a property name that is used by other NAIT users to identify the location. If you choose a name that other PICAs will recognise, this can help them to record movements to or from the correct location.

Moving animals between NAIT locations

If you move animals between different NAIT locations, even if you own both properties or the properties are near each other, you need to record an animal movement in NAIT.

If you buy a new property

It's best practice to register separate NAIT location numbers for each property you keep cattle and deer on.

However, if you buy a new farm or runoff block, you can use the same NAIT location number if the new property falls with the same 10-kilometre radius as other land using that number. If the new land falls outside the 10-kilometre radius, you must register the property and get a new NAIT location number for it.

If you move farms

As a PICA, if you move to a new farm, your NAIT location number cannot move with you.

If you're taking over management of an existing farm, apply for the existing NAIT location number at the new location to be assigned to you.

If you're starting a new operation, register a new NAIT location number if the property doesn't have one.