People can have different roles in MyOSPRI, just like they do on a farm. You can assign roles to other people to help manage Animal Status Declarations (ASDs) or people at your location. Find out more about MyOSPRI roles below.

Location manager

The initial location manager role is automatically assigned to the person who creates the location in MyOSPRI. That person can then assign others as location managers. Each location can have multiple location managers.

You can delete location managers when they leave your location, as long as at least 1 other person is staying in this role.

Location managers and members can create and submit ASDs for the location.

Only location managers can:

  • update and add pickup addresses for the location
  • change stock types and relevant industry codes, such as NAIT number, TB herd number and dairy participant codes, for the location
  • deactivate the location
  • invite people to, and remove people from the location
  • assign roles, and remove people from roles.


Member is the default role assigned when you first invite someone to join a location. Members can:

  • create and submit ASDs
  • add, update and remove pickup addresses.

If you want members to perform additional tasks, such as removing people from roles, you need to assign them as location managers.