How to upload information using CSV files

Find out which information you can upload to the NAIT system in bulk using a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

This is done using an Excel comma separated value (CSV) file. For smaller numbers of animals it may be easier to enter the information into the system manually. The table below shows how the maximum records that can be uploaded into the system via CSV compared with the UI:

NAIT Number Enquiry
Animal Enquiry
Next Visual Tag Enquiry
Reserve Tag5000
Upload Tag10000
Tag Update10000
Tag Replace1500250
Tag Undo Replace1500250
Register Animal1500250
Animal Update1500250
Animal Treatment1000250
Deregister Animal2000500
Kill Upload2000750
Kill Update1000250
Kill Remove1000250
Create Movement2500500
Update Movement2500500
Create Exempt Animal Movement2500500
Delete Exempt Animal Movement2500500

Note: Different types of CSV files require different information, and the system can only upload information in a specified format.