New Zealand is divided into 4 different disease control area types. Each area has different TB testing frequencies and movement control measures, depending on the risk of TB being transferred from infected wildlife — mainly possums — to cattle and deer.

Types of disease control areas

Movement Control Area (MCA)

In MCAs, all cattle or deer on a farm are tested annually. Your cattle or deer over 3 months old must have a TB test before they move within an MCA. You must complete the movement within 60 days of the pre-movement test. Stock going direct to slaughter don't require a pre-movement test.

Moving animals from a Movement Control Area (MCA)

Special Testing Area — Annual

In these areas, cattle over 12 months and deer over 15 months of age are tested annually.

Special Testing Area — Biennial  

In these areas, cattle and deer over 24 months of age are tested every 2 years.

Surveillance Area

In surveillance areas, cattle and deer over 24 months of age are tested every 5 years.

The current disease control areas are valid from 1 March 2023 to 29 February 2024.

DCA map

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