Who can be an information provider?

An information provider is an accredited individual or company that can complete NAIT tasks on your behalf. For example, your local livestock agent may work for an accredited company or be an accredited individual.

Tasks they can do for you

Information providers have been trained to carry out tasks in NAIT. On your behalf, they can:

  • register a person as a PICA or delegate
  • register animals
  • update animal information
  • record animal movements.

Appointing an information provider

There are 3 steps to appointing an information provider.

  1. Decide which accredited organisation or individual you want to appoint.
  2. Enter into a contract with them. You can download our sample template to get an idea of what should be in the contract.
  3. Give them access to your NAIT account — they can't do any tasks on your behalf until you have done this.

Working with an information provider

Even if you have an information provider, it's still your responsibility as a PICA to ensure your NAIT account is up to date. For example, you can log into your NAIT account to confirm the details they have entered are correct and monitor automated email notifications you get from NAIT.

If you suspect your information provider has provided incorrect or missing information in NAIT, raise this with them directly to have it resolved or contact us for help.