Complying with the Terms of Use

  • You accept to comply with the NAIT Information System Terms of Use, which include but are not limited to the following:
    • you must access the NAIT information system and information held in the NAIT information system only for the purpose of fulfilling NAIT obligations or ensuring these obligations are fulfilled.
    • you must not disclose the information available on the NAIT information system to any third party.
    • you must ensure the privacy and security of any information extracted from the NAIT information system.

Contract with the PICA

  • You declare having a written contract with the PICA, who you will be acting on behalf of.
  • You will obtain verbal approval from the PICA if the contract is not signed.
  • On completing this transaction, your PICA will get an email notification that advises them that your organisation is able to act on behalf of their NAIT accounts.

What you can do

  • As a NAIT information provider, you can:
    • register a person as a PICA or delegate
    • register animals on behalf of A PICA
    • update animal information on behalf of A PICA
    • record animal movements on behalf of A PICA.
  • You cannot use the NAIT information system other than the functions listed above.

What NAIT Limited monitors

  • To ensure compliance with conditions of access, it will monitor:
    • your access to NAIT accounts.
    • use of reports available in the NAIT system.
    • suspicious usage behaviour and audit this where appropriate.
  • For complaints lodged by PICAs regarding your activity on their accounts, it will investigate and take necessary action.
  • At its own discretion, it can suspend your accounts if you use the NAIT system for other than its legitimate purposes.
  • At its own discretion, it can suspend or revoke your accreditation status if any of your linked accounts use the NAIT system for other than its legitimate purposes.