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About bovine TB

Cattle and deer are the farmed animals most at risk of contracting bovine tuberculosis (TB).

Register for TB management

If you’re a Person in Charge of Animals (PICA), with a deer or cattle herd of any size, you need to register with us for TB management.

Testing for TB

Find out how we manage TB testing across the country, and what happens when an animal tests positive for bovine TB.

Protecting yourself and your family against TB

While bovine TB can be passed to humans and household pets, the chance of this happening is very low.

Herd status classifications

Herd status classifications show the TB status and history of a herd. There are 3 main classifications — clear, infected and suspended.

Apply to join the closed deer herd programme

If you’re eligible to join the programme, your herd will only need to be TB tested every second or third year.