Who you can give access to

You can give access to your NAIT account to people helping with the day-to-day management of your cattle or deer. This could be farm staff, family members or another farmer who is a registered PICA.

Users you add to your NAIT account are called 'delegates'.

If you do give access to other people, it's still your responsibility, as the PICA, to ensure your NAIT account is up to date and you're meeting all your NAIT obligations.

What tasks delegates can do

Your delegates can manage most tasks in NAIT on your behalf, including:

  • maintaining tag and animal information,
  • creating sending and receiving movements, and
  • updating your contact details.

Tasks delegates can't do

Your delegates can't create NAIT location numbers.

Registering a delegate

There are 3 ways to give a delegate access to your NAIT account:

  1. Register them as a new user and assign them to your NAIT location number. You need to know their name, date of birth and contact information.
  2. If they're already registered with NAIT, assign them to your NAIT location number.
  3. The delegate can call our Contact Centre and request access to records for your NAIT location number. As the PICA, you need to confirm over the phone that you want the delegate to act on your behalf.

Managing your delegates

Delegates have their own username and password so, if necessary, they can access records for more than 1 NAIT location and be a delegate for more than 1 PICA.

Edit or remove a delegate

You can:

  • edit some of your delegate's details if they change
  • remove them from your NAIT location number if they are no longer acting on your behalf.