How to register as a saleyard

If you are a saleyard company that handles NAIT animals you are required to be registered with NAIT so you can record animal movements to your location.

It is recommended that you become accredited with NAIT as a Sale Yard as through this process you will be provided with NAIT system training and will be given the ability to record movements to your NAIT location on behalf of your farmer clients.

You will also be able to nominate an Organisation Administrator who can assist with managing your NAIT accounts (including PICA Sale Yard and PICA delegate accounts as well as the NAIT numbers), this is especially beneficial for larger companies with multiple sites.

As part of your registration you will need to provide the following:

  • The details for one user who will be the PICA Sale Yard account holder for each location.
    • The PICA Sale Yard account holder is responsible for ensuring all NAIT obligations are met for each location they are the PICA for.
    • One PICA Sale Yard can have multiple NAIT numbers
  • The address of the location where the processor operates.
    • This address will generate a NAIT number for each location

If you wish to register a Sale Yard you will need to make contact with the OSPRI contact center to get this process started. Take a look at how to become an accredited entity to see if this option is suitable for your company.