How to register the location of your animals

If you've already got a NAIT account, use this step-by-step guide to register a new farm or location where you keep cattle or deer.

Register a new NAIT location

Log in to your NAIT account and select Register a new NAIT number.

Fill in the following information.

Location type

Enter your location type. Select the type that best describes your property.

Search for your farm

Enter the primary address for your farm or property. If you can’t find your address, you can enter it manually. This will be the main address stored for your NAIT location number.

After you've registered, you can't update your farm address without our permission. 

Add land parcels

After you've entered your address, a map appears. Select Add parcels to begin selecting the land that makes up your NAIT location.

If you can't see all your land on the map, select and drag the map, or or use the Search for address field in the top right corner of the map.

A brown circle on the map shows all your parcels of land within a 10-kilometer radius. The central point of the circle will move depending on which land parcels you select. If one of the parcels you select doesn't fall within the 10-kilometre radius it shows in red and you need to deselect it. After you've finished registering the land within the 10-kilometre radius, go back and register a separate NAIT location number for your other parcels of land.

Deselecting land parcels

To deselect a land parcel:

  • select it again, or
  • use the delete key to remove land parcels in the order you added them.

When you have identified all the property, select Continue.

Property name

Your property name helps you and other users identify your location. They can use it to search in NAIT for your location number and it shows alongside your NAIT location number.

Industry codes

Enter these codes for your location, if you have them:

  • participant code
  • TBfree herd number (former AHB number)
  • dairy supply number for a herd at this location.

Production or enterprise type

Select the appropriate production and enterprise types for your location.

If you're a cattle farmer, the main production type is used to determine which TBfree slaughter levy you pay if an animal is moved from your location to a meat processor without a tag.

Levies paid by farmers

Animals on your property


  • the number of tagged and untagged cattle and deer on your property
  • the number of other species at your location.


List any delegates — for example, other farm staff or family — you would like to give access to your NAIT records. If they're not yet registered you can do that later.

Information providers

Select Add new to see a list of information providers. Select an information provider from the dropdown list of accredited entities.

Only enter an information provider if you have a contract with them that lets them act on your behalf.

Appoint an information provider

Select Continue.