Our commitment to functioning as a corporate and socially responsible company is central to our management of OSPRI programmes and operations. It also underpins our commitment to consulting with communities of landowners, land users and people affected by our operations.

Our corporate philosophy is to operate for the public good in the interests of our shareholders, following responsible and sustainable business practices in achieving our publicly stated goals. In all areas of operation, we welcome affected parties to consult through formal processes, public meetings or personal contacts.

To enable public input into the shape and timing of the TBfree programme's aerial pest control operations, we publish a summary of proposed aerial operations in each region. Affected landowners and land users can submit their feedback on individual operations and let us know how they might be affected. Submissions are considered in the planning stages of the operation, and where appropriate, proposed operations may be amended as a result.

Our environmental, social, economic and cultural activities are actively managed to reduce harmful impacts and improve our contribution to a responsible and sustainable future.