How to deregister animals

Find out how to use a CSV file to deregister a large number of animals if they've been registered in NAIT by mistake.

Add all of the column headings in your CSV file in the correct order  including any optional columns you're leaving blank.

Download our sample CSV file to get started.

How to complete each column

This is the unique 16 character code that relates to each animal's NAIT tag. This information is provided by tag manufacturers or can be read with a scanner. If you provide a NAIT Visual ID, you don't need to provide the NAIT RFID number.

Formats that are accepted include:

  • 00000 0 982 000196588496
  • 942 000002422333
  • 982 000161531687
  • 9.82E+14
  • 0982 000190869343.

This is the information printed on the outside of the tag. Only enter this information if you haven't provided the NAIT RFID tag number.

Reading tags

You can choose to enter a reference number of your own — for example 1, 2, 3, 4. This makes it easier to identify which record (row of your spreadsheet) is incorrect if you make a mistake in your CSV.

You must enter a valid NAIT location number. Animals can only be deregistered if they are registered at the NAIT number of the logged-on user.

If you're an information provider

NAIT-accredited information providers can deregister animals for any NAIT location number. If you enter the NAIT location number for an animal it must be valid — that is, the animal must be registered at the location for that NAIT number.