How to register an additional grazing block on your NAIT number

Use this step-by-step guide to register an additional grazing block on your NAIT number.

Log into your NAIT account and follow these steps.

  1. 1 Choose the NAIT number you’d like to add the additional block to and select the blue number.
  2. 2 On the left-hand menu, select NAIT number details.
  3. 3 Scroll down to Location information and select Change.
  4. 4 Using the search box on the map, enter the address of your additional block.
  5. 5 Select Add parcels and select your block's parcel.
  6. 6 If the address is outside the 10-kilometre radius, it will appear in red and won't let you continue until you deselect it. If the parcel is too far away, you will need to register it with its own NAIT number.
  7. 7 Once you’ve added your parcel, select Continue and check your NAIT number details are up to date.
  8. 8 Tick the box to declare you are the PICA of this location.



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As a Person in Charge of NAIT Animals (PICA), you must register all locations they are held. A registered property where animals are kept is known as a NAIT location, and can comprise of a single property or 2 or more properties that fall within or straddle the circumference of a circle with a 10-kilometre radius — the yellow parcels. Each NAIT location is assigned a unique NAIT number as the property identifier. If any of the properties you manage fall outside the 10-kilometre radius — the blue-marked parcel — you must register an additional NAIT number for that property. It is best practice that herds managed separately are registered as individual NAIT locations. This may help reduce the risk of disease spread in case of an outbreak.

A NAIT number is fixed to a NAIT location. In the event that you move to a new location, you'll need to either assign the existing NAIT number for the property to you as the new PICA for that location, or register a new NAIT number.

Remember, you must record NAIT movements for all animals that move between 2 NAIT numbers registered as separate NAIT locations, even if you are the PICA for both. This ensures animals can be traced to their current and past locations for the purpose of trace-back.

For more information on NAIT locations go to our website or call 0800 482 463.