How to upload tag files

Use this step-by-step guide to upload bulk tag files in NAIT.
Graphic of a megaphone
Make sure your tag file is in the right format

To upload an RFID tag file to NAIT, the file must be in .CSV format and contain one column of RFID numbers only. Some scanners produce a file with additional information such as extra columns or headers. You need to delete all extra information before you can upload the file.

Save the tag file to your computer desktop or relevant documents folder. Make sure the Save as type is CSV (comma delimited).

Log in to your NAIT account and follow these steps.

  1. 1 Select the action you want to complete. (For example, Create movement or Register animals.)
  2. 2 Follow the prompts onscreen until you are asked to choose a method to enter tag numbers.
  3. 3 Select Upload a file with tag numbers.
  4. 4 Locate the file saved on your computer and select Open.
  5. 5 If the file uploads successfully, you will automatically go to the next screen and the number of animals will display.
  6. 6 Follow the prompts onscreen to complete the task.