How to upload tag files

If you use a scanner to read your NAIT RFID tags, it can save a lot of time if you simply upload these tag files into the NAIT system to perform actions such as animal registration or recording a movement.

Often the file that is produced from scanning the animals is not formatted correctly for the NAIT system to be able to recognize it. If you are uploading just a list of RFID numbers, the file should only contain those RFID numbers and no other content.

To upload a tag file, the file must be in .CSV format and contain only the RFID numbers. This means no headings or other columns. See the below for an example of a correctly formatted tag file:

A common format that is returned when using scanner software includes excess columns and headers, these will need to be deleted if you are choosing to upload a tag number file.

Below is an example of an incorrectly formatted tag number file:

Once the file contains only the RFID numbers and is in .CSV format, it is compatible with the NAIT system and is ready to be uploaded as a tag file.

Please note, this format is only for entering RFID tag numbers into the NAIT system, it can not perform any other actions like the other .CSV files can. These files require more information and are set out differently.